The fundamentals to starting your micro business that will get you to 80k annually in 2 years


When you are in beauty school no one tells you that you are going to be expected to act like a business owner when you graduate! “No way, I will be working FOR someone else!” you say? This is the mentality that causes many graduates to never fully succeed in launching their beauty careers. 

In The Hungry Hairdressers Launch Program we will peel away the layers of the business building process. Starting with creating realistic expectations, we cover every step you need to know to succeed in those first couple of years to set yourself up to make big money!

If you find yourself at a loss or contemplating what your first steps should be upon graduating beauty school then this course will be invaluable to you. You will learn how to build a resume that an employer actually wants to read, how to ask the right questions in an interview and how to pick the salon environment that is the best fit for you and your individual career path. 

Beyond finding the perfect job I will teach you how to assume the position of BOSS behind the chair with strategies to grow and retain clientele that you can use for your entire career! You will find out the social media marketing secrets that make a difference to your network as well as how to build your personal brand.

Most importantly we will spend time on growing YOU. Meaning that you can have all the strategy ever created but if you show up in insecurity and doubt you'll never see the results you want. That is why this course is so unique and special. We don’t leave out the most important ingredient: YOU! Our top focus is to create a well rounded stylist that can handle obstacles and challenges by infusing you with BOSS mindset and confidence!

Your perfect, abundant, lucrative career is waiting for you!

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