There is a point in every hairdressers career when we find ourselves needing a little support and direction. A lot of times this happens at the beginning when things are slow and money is not flowing in easily and everything feels like a struggle. At other times we find ourselves overwhelmed and on the edge of burnout- so tired out  by the industry that we can't see ourselves to a solution on our own. Maybe it’s time to make a big decision about where we work or the type of work we do. Maybe it's the crippling anxiety from being BTC that has finally worn us down. In whatever area you are being challenged it has brought you here. You are here because you no longer want to do it on your own and your awareness of that is something to be very proud of! This is the first step in finding the solution. 


How strategy calls work: These calls are designed to target and address one challenge. You will be given actionable steps to carry out post coaching call that will get you closer to your goals. You will be expected to follow up through email to rate your progress toward those goal. For example, if you are struggling to bring in new clientele we will work through all of the mental and physical blocks during the call and you will leave with a plan of action to be taken that week. These calls are results driven with quick and efficient ways to make progress without going too far into the deeper matters.


Coaching packages: These packages are designed to create a long term mentorship relationship. This would be for someone who wants to go a little deeper and work on many different challenges.The benefit of long term mentoring is that you have the opportunity to get to the root of the patterns of struggle that keep coming up. If you are someone who keeps bumping into the same challenge in your career time and time again it may be time to  look at it a little deeper. Having a guide to help in this process is beneficial in keeping you accountable to change and continued growth. 

Let’s start this transformation!

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