3 Powerful Words

Mar 06, 2023

The power of the words AND,GET and YET 

These words seem tiny and most of the time are overlooked and taken for granted but they are three of the most powerful words in the English language. These three words, when used correctly, have the ability to shift our current state of being. They can change our mindset and thinking in just about any situation. They can deliver us from anxiety and depression and empower us to focus and attain our goals. Let me share my experience with these transformational 3 letter words. 

I have the bad habit of thinking of situations in a very black and white, cut and dry way. I see a situation and immediately judge its outcome based on my own experiences and bias. This really creates an “either or” scenario. For instance, I am faced with a decision and as I look at my choices I think which one is better. This is a normal response, this is what most of us do. This type of thinking is just giving ourselves an ultimatum. If I choose one then I cannot have the other. I am immediately putting myself into lack and scarcity. When I think that saying yes to one thing means that you must say absolutely no to something else I send my subconscious mind the

message that there always has to be loss or a sacrifice to move forward or get what we want. This is where the power of AND comes in. If, when we are faced with a decision, we turn our “either or” mindset into “this AND that” we are suddenly presented with a lot more options and opportunities. Now getting “this AND that” may require hard work or a hard conversation or a new level of patience but it speaks to endless possibilities and hope, appreciation and expectation in a positive future! “I can have a family AND a successful career” “I can be wealthy AND relaxed” 

“I can work hard AND have joy” 

“I can accommodate my clients AND have a flexible schedule” 

Another magical thing that AND can do is eliminate our excuses and make space for us to show up fully in our lives. It puts the power back into our hands and empowers us to make more intentional decisions because we are in control. Think about what would happen if you were to replace the word “but”+negative behavior with the word “AND”+positive behavior. It would completely transform our thinking. It would look something like this: 

TURN- “I want to get healthy BUT I don’t eat healthy” INTO- “I want to get healthy AND I make better choices about what I eat”

TURN- “I want to be successful BUT nothing ever seems to work out” 

INTO- “I want to be successful AND I will never quit” TURN- “I want a full book of clients BUT they just aren’t out there” 

INTO- “I want a full book of clients AND I will be patient while I attract them” 

Doing this exercise with some of your own frustrations and limiting beliefs will immediately shift your thinking around them and allow for you to find creative solutions to areas in your life where you feel stuck. 

Let’s talk about the word GET! This is one of my favorite words to use to reframe a stressful day. So much of my time is spent on obligatory tasks. I am always having to arrange my days around the needs of my staff, clients and family and at the end of a long week I can feel burnt out and resentful. It is at these times that this word becomes the most useful. It can be even more powerful when used as a preventative measure. For instance, if I have a lot on my plate for one day, I will get up early and journal about how I GET to do all the things on my calendar for that day. I turn all of my HAVES into GETS! This fills me with so much appreciation and gratitude for the life that I GET to

live and for the crazy amount of privilege I am given on a daily basis. And by starting my day in this way I am so energized to attack it. I am happy as I move through it and I feel endless gratitude for my place in it and for the people in it with me. 

GET also suggests choice. It allows for us to acknowledge that if I GET to do something then I also GET to not do that same thing. The truth is that in every situation we do have a choice. Even if you feel that isn’t always the case it most certainly is! You may feel that you have an obligation to your job and to your family, that you have no choice in that matter. The truth is that you absolutely could walk away from those things but you choose to show up because you don't want to lose your job or have your children taken away. In the end it is still your choice. You are just choosing one outcome over another. When we use GET to reframe these situations it takes us out of being the victim to our circumstances and shows us that we really do have options. 

“I GET to show up at work today and create beauty” “I GET to pay my bills and I have the privilege of making the money to do so” 

“I GET to work alongside these people that I CHOOSE to be around all day”

Doing this exercise will allow you to instantly feel gratitude for your situation, take you out of victim mode and empower you to take control of your choices! 

The word YET is one of the most powerful words to use to turn the negativity train around. Sometimes we are in such a lack mindset that we can’t see anything but that. It is in these situations that YET is of the most use. It becomes the tagline to all your inner dialogue and negative thinking. If I have a goal to attract X number of clients into my business within a certain amount of time but see absolutely no traction I can get very negative with myself. I will start to say “No one wants my services” “There aren’t any clients out there” “I am not good enough at my craft” “This just isn’t working”. These thoughts end up on replay in my mind all day every day. It is very hard to stop this type of negative thinking from spinning out of control. YET is the word that puts the spoke in the wheel of this spiral! If we reframe every negative thought with the tagline “YET” it stops the trajectory of our thoughts and turns the proverbial train around. It opens us up to the possibility of a bright future where our dreams are actualized. “No one wants my services….YET” 

“There aren’t any clients out there….YET” 

“I am not good enough at my craft….YET”

“This just isn’t working….YET” 

Sometimes it’s a stretch for us to think beyond our own realities and what we currently know. We have dreams and goals and immediately start to think of how we can get there with the limited resources that we have. This can be overwhelming and stop us from dreaming BIG. This is another place for YET to be used. 

“I don’t make a 6 figure income…..YET” 

“I don’t have a full client list…..YET” 

“I don’t have a great schedule….YET” 

Using these 3 words and exercises consistently can create a muscle memory that will transform your beliefs about your life, who you are and what you are capable of! 

Your beliefs become your thoughts, 

Your thoughts become your words, 

Your words become your actions, 

Your actions become your habits, 

Your habits become your values, 

Your values become your destiny.